Old Man Fashionista is a limited edition publication that features photography by Guillermo Trejo of old men who dress well with hats and is the third publication from PDA Press


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50 Pages
4x4 Miniature book
Perfect Bound
Printed on 100% eco-friendly paper
Soft touch cover
1st Edition

OLD MAN FASHIONISTA, by Guillermo Trejo, is a photographic visual diary of one man who appreciates how older men respect the gravitas of hats. Guillermo Trejo has documented old men wearing hats in public during his travels across North America for over the past year using his iPhone and posting them onto Instagram. For Trejo, wearing a hat is not a random action- It is a consideration. Yes, these men choose their hats based on external conditions: is it hot or cold, rainy, snowy, or sunny. Yet, these men also choose their hats to show their personalities in public. These men are participating in a generational tradition. Trejo states, "When I look at the old photographs of my late grandfather he was always wearing hats. My grandfather was a humble man. He was a construction worker who dressed well. I always loved him and his hats."