Christopher Payne - Work Available

Christopher Payne works predominantly with sound, light, and video, as experiential tools. Payne completed his original artistic training in cinema at Concordia University in 2007 before completing his MFA at the University of Ottawa in 2013. His work and performances have been presented in Alberta, Quebec, Ontario, Poland, Belgium, and Mexico. He is represented by PDA Projects Gallery, Ottawa.
Christopher Payne’s practice is about the poetics of atmosphere. Payne explores the environments that surround us; the air, humidity, temperature, and displacement; the vibrations traced in space by sound, or the blanketing stillness of a humid afternoon as it turns the light a golden yellow, or a clear northern winter as its crisp air turns the world a subtle blue and sounds jagged.

Works Available

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A Conversation With B, 2016, 9 x 10 Inches, Cut Stained Wood 
Dishes, 2016, 16 x 10 Inches, Cut Stained Wood 
Second Hand Emotion, 2016, 20 x 14 Inches, Cut Stained Wood