Nathalie Quagliotto

Nathalie Quagliotto is a Toronto based conceptual artist. She holds a MFA from the University of Waterloo from 2009 and a BFA from Concordia University from 2007. In 2008, she apprenticed under Martin Creed in London, England. She has shown nationally and internationally. Her work is in various collections in North America.


I disrupt conventional notions of behaviour in the gallery or public space context and use humour, play, and disruptive situations to comment on the criticality of the art environment. My conceptual, practice involves reconfiguring everyday pre-fabricated outdated public objects associated with disuse, strict social regulations, safety, and risk. I focus on changing proximity, text, and colour to the point where I alter the usage and purpose of the object. I use the colours “Safety Yellow” or “Safety Red” in my work because of their public meaning of caution, awareness, and attention. I use double or multiple identical objects in sculptures as a signifier of a push and pull situation to  address co-operation and problematic relationships.