Aydin Matlabi

Aydin Matlabi's photography has been featured artist in The Scotia Bank Photo Festival, 2011. Noteworthy exhibitions include Landscape Revolution People Museum of Fine Arts Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, 2012-2013; and at Queens Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, 2011. His exhibition Came Like Water, Like Wind I Go at Concordia University’s Fofa Gallery in April 2011, as well as at Toronto’s Queen’s Gallery in May 2011. In addition, Matlabi is finalising a book in response to his understanding about modern Iran.

An emerging photographer, born in Iran and raised in the liberal community of Montreal, Aydin Matlabi holds a B.F.A. and an M.F.A. in Photography from Concordia University. For his M.F.A. thesis project, he travelled regularly to Iran where, in the summer of 2009, he was in the unique position of being one of few ‘Western/Diaspora’ freelance photographers in Tehran to witness and photograph the Green Movement’s uprising in protest of Ahmadinehad’s re-election. His art practice is based on a desire to give visibility to those who are under-represented or marginalised. His interests are varied and investigate a wide range of topics linked to identity politics, from queer sub-culture and identity to the aftermath of conflicts in war zones.