Adam Gunn

Adam Gunn received a BFA from NSCAD, and was a finalist in the 13th and 15th RBC Painting Competitions. Gunn was the recipient of the regional 2010 BMO 1st! Art competition. Originally from Nova Scotia, Adam Gunn is now living in Montreal and pursuing graduate studies at Concordia University.

Adam Gunn’s paintings awkwardly fit into the absurdist tradition of Alice in Wonderland… if Alice were a neon rebel science fiction super fan. Gunn challenges the stuffy traditionalism of still life painting. He replaces bowls of fruit for piles of gloopy dayglo silicon sandwiched between stylized robots that reference unknown 1980s pop culture cartoons, and all the while there are hints that this universe is controlled by our crowned insects overlords. He exaggerates these objects into mutated nonsensical forms that explore an artificial hyper-reality that probes how growing things interact.